Establishment of solar energy system at VEGS Kft.


The project has been realised with the subvention of the European Union, with the co-financing of the European Regional and Development Fund.

Project title: „Establishment of the solar energy system at VEGS Kft.”

Project description:
The objective of VEGS Kft. with the investment being realised with the grant assistance was to establish a modern solar energy system. As such the company can reduce the costs of the domestic hot water preparation with the help of the more cost-effective system using solar energy. The project location is the company site. According to the previous measuring the factory requires approximately 2800 l of hot water. To heat up this quantity, approximately 34 600 kWh energy is used up on a yearly basis. With the realization of the project approximately 50% of the energy can be saved. With the installation of the solar energy system, a primary energy saving of 79,92 GJ/year could be realised, while the CO2-emissions could be reduced by 4,48 tons per year. So it would not only mean a significant cost saving, but it could help to protect the environment and to maintain a sustainable development.

Phone number of the Beneficiary: +36-20/9362-553
Overall project costs: 5 308 774,- HUF
Subvention amount: 2 123 510,- HUF
Name and availability of the intermediate body:
Energy Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Energy Information Agency Non-Profit Kft.
1134 Budapest, Váci Str. 45., Building H, 6. floor,
Homepage: www.energiakozpont.hu