Quality controll

VEGS Ltd. intends to build long-term business relationship with its partners. The main field of implementation of our goal is to manufacture high-quality products that fully meet our customers’ requirements and to provide high-level service to our partners. Due to the reliable quality of our products we could manage to gain the recognition and satisfaction of our customers.

Our company fulfills the requirements of the below international standards applied in the machinery industry:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • EN1090-1
  • EN1090-2 EXC3

We constantly improve our quality system by monitoring the changes in our customers’ needs. We have active cooperation with our partners in the quality improvement of manufactured products. We constantly update our employees’ knowledge on product quality. We put special emphasis on self-check effectiveness of which is ensured by regular trainings of our employees.

We have technicians qualified for MSZ EN ISO 9712 10 to carry out and register the below weld seam control tests:

  • Visual testing: VT1, VT2
  • Penetration testing: PT1, PT2
  • Magnetic particle testing: MT1, MT2
  • Ultrasonic testing

Solely products that passed the end-testing and fulfilled all criteria of quality requirements are to be released from our company. In parallel with this procedure all required quality documentation – including product certificates – are issued and sent to our customer.