Manufacture of welded, cutted machine parts

Our enterprise has been the supplier for many West-European companies for several decades now. Our aim is to build out and maintain a long-term correct partnership with our customers. Our main profile is to manufacture welded, cutted machine parts based on our customers’ documentation and specification. By keeping in mind to meet the quality requirements, our high flexibility enables us to provide short lead-time both for individual and low volume productions.

Our company has a production hall of over 4000m2 equipped with cranes. The maximum size of workpiece to be manufactured is 4.6m x 4m x appr. 15m. In our industrial metal working and welding workshop we are able to move parts up to 10 tons. Our professionals with knowledge of foreign languages take care of production planning and keep contact with our customers.
We are ready to provide our partners with the entire process of machinery production beginning with material purchasing up to machinery packaging. Bigger parts are to be cutted by Antal Forgácsoló Ltd., a company with the same ownership as ours. Other special operations like heat treatment, powder painting, galvanized coating, hot dip galvanizing are done by our subcontractors.

Work of our qualified welders is supervised by our welding engineer (with EWE qualification). Our enterprise is qualified for the manufacture of welded structures from high-strength fine grain steels beside the normal structure material quality. We produce high-precision safety parts from materials S690, S700, S960 of 2-30 mm
plate size range for the personal lifting equipments of our German partner company.
We undertake machining of stainless and highly wear- resistant materials like HARDOX.

Finished products are dispatched upon final-checking with quality documentation attached.